Bygge-Bloggen har besøgt “opfinder-fabrikken” Odico i Odense, som skrev følgende efter besøget:
📢 Have you met Toke from BYGGE-BLOGGEN? 🏗️🤖
Last Friday, we had the pleasure of hosting Toke Ørnfeldt Svensson from BYGGE-BLOGGEN at Odico. We had a fantastic discussion about our robotic technology for concrete formwork, along with other intriguing topics.
Toke’s visit focused on our innovative approach to formwork in concrete casting. It was inspiring to see his enthusiasm and genuine interest in our work.
If you haven’t already, we highly recommend following Bygge-Bloggen to learn more about the fascinating topics we discussed, but also all the other interesting things going on in the budling industry. Toke’s expertise and engaging storytelling make for an incredible learning experience.
At Odico, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of construction. Connecting with experts like Toke fuels our drive for innovation. Let’s join Toke’s journey on BYGGE-BLOGGEN and shape the future of construction together. 🦾✨